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Pizza Fusion Luxury Package

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Why Choose Us?
Our Oven

Handcrafted by French & Italian compadres – here in Brisbane. Fully mosaiced and large enough to cook 5 pizzas at a time – it’s one of the most distinctive mobile wood fired pizza ovens in Brisbane.

Our Ingredients

We handpick only the freshest ingredients, sourced as locally as possible. Our in-house crafted pizza dough and authentic Napolitana style tomato sauce are made expertly and FRESH, on the day for each event.

Our Service

We aim for excellence. Preferring the word ‘phenomenal’ to come from our happy host’s lips. We can do relaxed / casual as easily as we can offer classic / professional – it comes down to experience and planning.

Our Passion

Our Passion is to deliver most authentic flavour from the freshest ingredients we use. Chef Somi have cooked in many restaurants around the country, which gave him enough knowledge to create something unique for our customers.

“Seeing your handcrafted pizza being baked in the woodfired oven, then enjoying the uniquely flavoured result is a special experience…not to be missed”

DR. W. Newman
Right Bottom